Profolio: Alexis Pichot

Alexis pierces the night, with light and space as he walks us through some of his most incredible shots...


Koya Teshima

We asked Koya some questions, questions that could only be answered with images..


Jerome Strauss: Aerial Photography

We asked Jerome to walk us through some of his most magnificent shots in this PROFOLIO…


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See amazing projects or learn new techniques with photographers from around the world


We have nothing but admiration for all the amazing creative work that photographers are producing all over the world. In our exhibition reviews and our profolios of international photographers we shine a light some light on the work of some of the most gifted artist.

Visual Q&A

The most important thing for us is to understand our community, their needs and what they really care for. And what better way to get to know passionate photographers than letting them explain who they are through their work. Do you want to find out how hundreds of photographers from all over the world answered the 10 questions of our visual Q&As?


There are countless ways for photographers to depict their view of the world in their art works. Some are creatively inspiring, some are surprising, and others are just flat-out spectacular. We have taken a look at some of the most fascinating techniques the world of photography has to offer.


In our Step Inside series of articles, we take an in-depth view of a current photographer. How they got started, their current or past projects and the cameras they trust to get the shot. Get inspired by the best in the business.


COOPH is all about sharing our passion, our knowledge and our expertise with each other. That is why we are so eager to produce exciting videos with useful tricks and helpful advice for our community. So if you are looking to develop your skill set a little further, don’t hesitate to check out our youtube-channel for new inspiration.

Latest Visual Q&A

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We at COOPH endeavor to support photographers in breaking creative boundaries. This for us includes kitting them out with the right gear and apparel.

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