leica paracord Straps created by cooph

woven for the wilderness

Leica x Cooph

Before COOPH even began, braiding paracord into camera straps was one of our earliest experiments, and you can take our word – it’s not easy. It takes tenacity and true craftsmanship to figure out how to braid a strong strap; one that is comfortable to wear and still preserves that rugged look, inspiring people to go out and seek the extraordinary. But we just fell in love with the idea (and the challenge), and so did Leica. Spurred by the success of our previous collaboration we decided to partner up with the German camera brand for a second time and after four years of development and rigorous testing, we were able to introduce the world to a truly unique and stylish accessory – the Leica Paracord Strap, created by COOPH.

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