There are countless ways for photographers to depict their view of the world in their art works. Some are creatively inspiring, some are surprising, and others are just flat-out spectacular. We have taken a look at some of the most fascinating techniques the world of photography has to offer.


Kurdistan's Visionary: Nariman's Distinctive Fusion of Photography and Digital Art
Meet Nariman, a 28-year-old digital artist from Kurdistan, Iraq, whose captivating work resides at the intersection of technology and creativity. Deeply influenced by the world of photography, Nariman finds boundless freedom in the realm of 3D art, allowing him to breathe life into his imaginative visions.
Jerome Strauss: Aerial Photography

We asked Jerome to walk us through some of his most magnificent shots in this PROFOLIO…

Alireza Rostami: The Watch Camera
Taking apart old cameras and creating new pieces out of them.
Praise of the Shadow
Horst Schmier creates “Shadows” of every day moments…
Micro Cosmos
Question reality with Shea Hembrey…
Jarred and Displaced II
Double exposures and preserved memories...
Tin Tribes in the Garden of Ether
Step into Nicolas Laborie’s Victorian photographic portraits …
Fragmented Realities
WARNING! Some viewers may experience dizziness...
Step into the induced technicolor visions of Craig Burrows…
Ultraviolet-induced Visible Fluorescence
Light In Motion

Movement like you've never seen before...

A Jarring Photography Experience
We unbottle Christoffer Relander's awesome double exposure landscape jars...
Heads Up... Here's Some Aerial Awesomeness
Take a look at the breath-taking drone shots from Australian photographer Gabriel Scanu...
Under Construction: Exploring Experimental Cyanotypes
Enjoy the X-Ray Cyanotypes of Jennifer Glass
The Eye of the Camera
Take a look at the madly wonderful creations by two ingenious photographers...
Shooting Portraits Like It’s 1851
Discover how photographer Paul Alsop captures stunning wet plate collodion...
Take a Scroll Down Memory Lane With Some Virtual Nostalgia
Artist Mike Campau recreates his childhood with some stunning images…
This Landscape Photography Will Get You Into a Twist
Step inside the twisted landscapes of Nate Hill...
From The Other Side
Enter a Low-Key Underworld with Stefan Schildhauer…
Shooting a Fiery Battle Between Freestyle Football & Parkour
Check out Ray Demski’s hot new project...
Floating Away With Tim Tadder
We caught up with the talented photographer about his latest ‘Bella Umbrella’ shoot…
Between The Folds of Geometric Origami Landscapes
Artist Millee Tibbs explores the representation of landscapes in this riveting series…

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