It was during his days as a professional photographer that Ulrich Grill first started thinking about creating a photo apparel company. At the time, there wasn’t much in the way of contemporary apparel for photographers. The idea was therefore born to design apparel and accessories not just for professional photographers, but anyone passionate about photography. 

Since then, COOPH has become the first brand to produce stylish and functional clothing and accessories for photographers.

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COOPH was started in a small-town in rural Austria and it has grown into a global community, bringing recognition to the people behind the lens. Today, the goal at COOPH is to encourage, connect and inspire like-minded people who are passionate about photography. To do that we are constantly in touch with our community, keeping an eye on desires, trends and needs.

At COOPH we live and breathe photography, always looking for innovative ideas to support dedicated, smart and adventurous people in their pursuit of photographic excellence.


An extensive amount of time and research goes into finding the perfect materials and methods to ensure that every piece of COOPH gear is of the highest standard to ensure the longevity of our garments.

When it comes to starting a cooperation, we place a huge value on selecting manufacturers who care about craftsmanship just as much as we do. All our partners have a heritage of tried and tested techniques, manufacturing products of the utmost quality.


HotOne2016 logo 40be81fa-b2de-435f-ba0e-df3e1858244a
Field Jacket
Professional Photographer Hot one
GDA17 HO WINNER RGB 34a31679-f280-47ca-95bc-cf1118d982b6
German Design Award 2017
2018-EPDA-Logo-winners-ohne-weissen-rand 2340c54f-580a-444e-9422-060c2b6d67c3
Leica Rope Strap
European Product Design Award
IDA 18-Bronze e4faa547-cd02-4272-beaa-f293b027c84f
Leica Rope Strap
IDA Design Awards
epda 2019 silver b333dddb-e962-465b-992f-add84b7d6dba
Heatable Photo Vest
European Product Design Award
epda 2019 bronze cdf5b149-ea8a-49a5-85e1-3157933fd664
Leica Paracord Strap
European Product Design Award
2020-winner-european-product-design-award 45bc4bbe-eb62-4168-bc5e-89ce2dc95496
Leica Double Rope Strap
European Product Design Award
GDA21 HO WINNER MC RGB 70e73692-59a0-476b-8982-f86a44821f54
Heatable Photo Vest
German Design Award
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1% For the Planet

COOPH understands the significance of preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations to enjoy. That is why we have joined the 1% for the Planet movement. By committing to donate 1% of our turnover to environmental non-profit organizations, we aim to contribute to the conservation and protection of our planet.
Read more about 1% for the Planet


Looking at the world through a lens, we have naturally developed a genuine respect and a deep bond with our planet. This mindset is reflected across all our operations.

Our goal is to use natural or recycled and long-lasting materials in all our hand-made products and we only work with carefully selected partners using sustainably sourced materials to reduce CO2 emissions wherever possible. We are proud that our office is CO2 neutral.

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Zooom Q

COOPH would not exist without its community. You inspire us every day to create awesome content. For us, there is nothing more fascinating than seeing the world through the eyes and lenses of other photographers around the world.

That is why we love to see the COOPH community grow. Some have become COOPH Masters or ambassadors; others have shared their pictures on our online magazine. Some are simply friends who support us in our numerous cooperations and on our YouTube channel. We are grateful for every single one of them and they all play a vital part in making the COOPH vision come true.


We always strive to rise above what is expected in all that we do. We try to positively shape society with our work and with the way we approach it. We hold all our partners and everyone contributing to the success of COOPH in high regard and we base all our interactions on a sense of mutual respect, because at the end of the day we are all peers.

For example, we support Art Meets Education (AME), an organisation that educates through photography, giving disadvantaged children the opportunity to create their own works of art. Children make great artists and the proceeds from the images they create are used to help fund their education.

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The Cooph Crew

It has been a long and exciting journey from the birth of the COOPH vision to where we stand today, and a lot has happened along the way. COOPH was never just about designing innovative garments for photographers. It is about building a community in which we can share knowledge, experiences, and the joy of creating something truly unique and amazing.

And while our community has grown, so has our team. We’ve been joined by photographers, videographers, editors, product designers, production and PR crew, social media creators and content managers. Today, we have a shared enthusiasm for what we do – building something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.