Cooph Field Flatcap

Photogrpaher Field Flatcap

Handcrafted in Europe

Coop Rope Camera Strap Orange Edition

Rope Camera Straps

The Orange Collection

New Collections from COOPH

Our newest and freshest collections, from photographers for photographers. The new in collection from COOPH includes, headwear, clothing and accessories. Keep your head warm and the sun out of your eyes with our headwear collections, including our collaborations with Münlbauer. Or check out the newest camera straps we've released. From our long-standing collaboration with Leica to fashionable new colours, you're sure to find a new companion for your camera.

Rope Camera Straps - The Solid Collection

All good things come in twos. This applies to our new releases too. We have for you two new colors for our solid collection of COOPH Rope Straps. We’re keeping it classy with timeless understated, navy blue and beige colors. Our COOPH Rope Straps are our most loved products. The quality of our signature product adorns the cameras of photographers around the world. Which one will you choose? Or don’t choose, get both!

Photographer Field Flatcaps

For all season photography
The COOPH Photographer Field Flatcap is an essential for all-season photography. The cap is the latest in our long-standing collaboration with the Viennese masters Mühlbauer. Each item is hand-crafted in Austria from completely weatherproof Japanese cotton. The CottonShell® fabric is the same as we use in our popular Field Jacket, in matching colors too!

EDC Beanies

The COOPH EDC beanies come in 5 different colors and their clean look makes them the perfect companion for every occasion. This beanie will keep you warm during cold autumn days and beyond. It is also breathable enough to wear in warmer settings too for those times when you want to rock some beanie style. In addition, they're made from 50% wool and are made in Germany.

Rope Camera Straps - The Orange Collection

It doesn’t matter which camera you use, keep it close and ready to shoot with our new collection of COOPH Rope Camera Straps. Handcrafted and made in Europe, these stylish, yet durable rope straps feel great to wear and are designed to fit every camera with integrated protective leather flaps, ensuring no camera gets scratched in action. Accessorize with your favourite color or match them to your outfit of the day.

Rope Wrist Straps

The COOPH rope hand strap is what you get when our team of photographers come together to design the best looking, the most practical and the strongest strap around. And one that reflects our strong environmental values too. It’s constructed from high-quality climbing rope and genuine Italian leather, hand-made in Europe with protective flaps to ensure it can’t scratch the camera.

Leica Rope Straps

Every photographer knows about the legendary reputation that goes along with the name Leica. Besides its distinctive look the name is synonymous to an uncompromising dedication to creating unique, hand-made products of premium quality and outstanding longevity. These values made Leica the ideal partner for a cooperation with COOPH, as we share the same pursuit of excellence in all that we do. It was this correlation of mindsets that served us as an inspiration and that is reflected in the minimalistic yet elegant design of our Leica rope strap range.

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