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Leica Rope Strap created by COOPH

Your everyday companion

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Leica double Rope Strap created by COOPH

Double the rope,
double the support

Leica x COOPH

Every photographer knows about the legendary reputation that goes along with the name Leica. Besides its distinctive look the name is synonymous to an uncompromising dedication to creating unique, hand-made products of premium quality and outstanding longevity. These values made Leica the ideal partner for a cooperation with COOPH, as we share the same pursuit of excellence in all that we do. It was this correlation of mindsets that served us as an inspiration and that is reflected in the minimalistic yet elegant design of our Leica rope strap range.

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Legendary Straps for Legendary Cameras

Leica Rope Camera Straps Created by COOPH are one of our first and most popular collections.The shared pursuit of perfection led us to team with Leicas Camera Rope Straps. There are two different options.

  • The Leica Rope Strap
  • The Leica Double Rope Strap

The original

The Leica Rope Strap created by COOPH is the original in the lineup. If you have a classic Leica Q or M series camera then the original camera strap is right for you. It has a classic aesthetic and in timeless colors . Crafted with precision and passion, our straps are designed to meet the demands of both amateur enthusiasts and professional photographers.

Strength and Class

If you have a bigger camera, like the Leica SL series then the Double Strap created by COOPH is for you. The double rope material is designed to carry extra weight and distribute it evenly across your neck and shoulders. Needless to say our camera straps are meticulously engineered using durable materials such as leather, rope and steel rings ensuring longevity and resilience even in the most challenging environments. Our straps offer unparalleled support and security for your valuable gear.

Proven Quality

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously improve and refine our products. We listen to feedback from photographers like you and incorporate it into our designs to create camera straps that exceed expectations. Beyond functionality, we believe that style is an essential aspect of photography gear. That's why our Leica Camera Straps created by COOPH come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns to complement your personal aesthetic. From classic leather to modern patterns, there's a strap in our collection to suit every taste and preference.