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We know first-hand that when it comes to choosing the right camera, individual preferences play a huge part. That is why we designed a strap to suit every camera, no matter which one you go for. The COOPH Rope Camera Straps come in a range of eye-catching colors to fit your personal style. Made by hand from high-quality European climbing rope and German steel rings, our Rope Camera Straps make sure that your most important and beloved piece of equipment is safe and within arm’s reach, wherever you go.

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COOPH Rope Camera Straps

Decades of photographic experience got into the COOPH Rope Camera Straps - our most popular products. If you’re looking for a classic accessory for taking photos then look no further. Our range is split into different collections, so there is a Rope Strap for you.

  • The Solid Collection - Rope Straps in one colour. Clean and uncomplicated and easy to coordinate with your camera or outfit.
  • The Plaid Collection - Photography straps made from rope material in a plaid design.
  • The Duotone Collection - Rope straps with just two colors.
  • Double Rope Camera Straps - double the rope and double the support and comfort, perfect for larger cameras.
  • Rope Hand Straps - Attaching at the wrist this camera strap is great for smaller compact cameras or shooting on the go.
  • Adjustable Rope Camera Straps - Shoot your own way and adjust your camera strap on the fly.

Fits every camera, fits every body

Sony, FujiFilm, Olympus, LUMIX, Canon - name a camera brand, our straps are universal and fit every camera body. What's more, depending oh how the attachments on the camera work you can choose between German steel rings and webbing ends to attach the strap. DSLR, mirrorless, compact, medium format, carry any camera securely and safely every time. As well as the versatility of fastenings, we also have a variety of different lengths to suit every body type. In our COOPH Rope Straps you can choose between 100 cm, 115 cm, and 130 cm lengths so everyone who has a camera can find a strap to fit their body.

Our most popular products

COOPH is first and foremost a company which aims to support photographers taking photos. What’s the best way to do this? Making the best camera straps possible with the highest-quality materials and our photographic expertise. The best way to high-quality materials is to spend time and experience sourcing the best. We have German steel rings which attach to top quality vegan leather and sturdy climbing rope All of this assembled by artisans here in the EU, more specifically in Hungary. Together, all these combine to create the highest-quality camera straps - trust COOPH Rope Camera Straps.