photography apparel for women

Clothes for photographers

You always want to look your best. When you're shooting on location it can be a little difficult. That's where COOPH comes in. Our selection of women's and unisex clothing is perfect to help you wherever you shoot, always staying chic and showing you passion for photography.

Our collection of women's t-shirts is colorful, stylish and shows you passion for cameras and photography. Our ever-popular hoodies and sweaters are designed to be worn unisex. So you can keep warm and stylish in winter. As are our scarfs socks and headwear. If you are shooting in the coldest of the winter months check out our Ultimate and Original Photo Gloves and pair them with our EDC beanies or some all-weather headwear lovingly handcrafted by Mühlbauer.

Hoodie - Roam

Our super-soft, comfy hoodie for everyday use. The organic cotton is GOTS certified fabric so you look and feel good safe in the knowledge this hoodie causes no unnecessary harm. It has unisex sizing and fit with a casual look.

Hoodie - Raglan

Our feature-rich hoodie for shooting on the go. The raglan hoodie has every feature for photographers, including both a lens cleaning cloth and zip pocket for lenses. When you're travelling use the integrated sleep mask or fold it into a pillow.

Photographer Gloves

for Sub-zero photography

When it comes to your extremities, we got you covered too. Our gloves are designed for precision handling in cold weather, whether you’re turning a dial on your DSLR or swiping on your phone. We also think you’ll love our photography socks and scarves that double up as a handy lens cleaner.

Photo Glove Original

Our COOPH Photo Glove Original and Photo Glove Ultimate were born from necessity. The Original glove is precision leather glove for shooting in sub-zero conditions. Unlike other so-called photography gloves, every detail has been considered. For warmth, functionality and style you can't beat leather - ours is made from a luxuriously soft goat leather in a chic all black. 

Photo Glove Ultimate

When it is time to shoot, you can be sure that the photo glove ultimate has every feature imaginable. The outer mitt folds back to reveal the inner liner, which has the individual fingers and thumb for fine motor skills. What keeps the finger and thumb flaps out of the way? There are discrete, hidden magnets to stop the material from interfering with your photography. Then, when you are done from taking photos, you can snap the flaps back for maximum warmth - the best of both worlds.  


With their iconic prints and artistic designs our COOPH T-Shirts are a stylish nod to photography. They’re also incredibly comfortable and long-lasting, being made from 100% GOTS & Fairtrade certified organic cotton. They come in a range of designs, from bold water-based prints to minimalist styles for those who like to keep it simple. And thanks to the quality, no matter how many times they’re washed, they don’t fade or lose their fit.

Mühlbauer hats

Handcrafted in Vienna

Mühlbauer Hats

Handcrafted in Vienna

mühlbauer hats

Handcrafted in Vienna

Every photographer needs a hat. It’s not just an expression of your individual style, it can also be an essential bit of kit – helping to keep the sun from your eyes and the sweat from your brow, even keeping your brain from freezing in winter. We teamed up with the distinguished hat makers of Mühlbauer, to design a collection of hand-made hats. With their flexible brims, they’re perfect for photographers. You can even have yours ‘tailor made’ to order.

New Era caps

Women's caps


Keep warm

We stock a wide selection of quality caps and knitted beanies for every occasion, whether you want to keep a cool head or wrap up warm on those early morning shoots. Every one is produced to a high standard with a focus on the detail.

Photographer Scarves

Perfect for the colder seasons, our Lens Cleaning Scarf keeps you warm during chilly autumn days. With the integrated microfibre cloth, you can clean your lens on the go – and make sure each image you create is crystal-clear. Or give your sunnies a wipe and un-cloud your vision.

Camera Socks

1 pair of socks = 1 month of school

These new fair fashion socks made of organic cotton were developed by Art Meets Education & FUXBAU and manufactured at their partners in the north of Portugal in a unique manufactory quality under fair and sustainable conditions for you and your loved ones.

With your purchase you give children from financially disadvantaged families in the Philippines a chance to pay for school with their own photography.