Ambassador of Light: Kenneth Hines, Jr.'s Photographic Odyssey

Ambassador of Light: Kenneth Hines, Jr.'s Photographic Odyssey

Kenneth "Professor" Hines, Jr. is a versatile photographer based in New York City, renowned for his expertise across multiple disciplines. As an Ambassador for ZEISS Camera Lenses, his work embodies precision and clarity. Hines is also an Adobe Lightroom instructor and a speaker at Adobe MAX, sharing his extensive knowledge with the photography community. His talent has been recognized by Madame Tussauds New York, where he serves as a photographer. Notably, one of his captivating images was featured on the Adobe Lightroom splash screen in 2021, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. 

We asked Kenneth to pick some of his favorite photographs and tell us a little bit about each one, for this PROFOLIO review... 


The Vessel

This image of The Vessel at Hudson Yards is special to me, for being one of the final images I captured before this location closed (due to numerous suicides that took place here). It’s a unique structure that was highlighted so well by the golden hues of the sunset hitting the bronze structure.

Waterfall at Cornell University
I love the peace that comes with landscape photography. There’s a walking trail along the campus of Cornell University in Upstate New York, with a series of waterfalls. This particular one is my favorite in the series and is quite calming just to sit in front of and take in.

North Shore Beach, Hawaii
This is one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever experienced and captured. This is from a beach along the North Shore on O’hau island of Hawaii.

Tower Bridge, London
London was a place that had been on my list for many years to visit, with the desire to see and photograph many landscapes, with Tower Bridge being my main subject of interest. I desired to capture a majestic cityscape at sunset on the bridge but was uncertain if it would happen. Fortunately, my first day in London brought about a very beautiful sunset capture (not this one), where I thought this is it. I captured the image I wanted, only to find a few days later a sunset even more mesmerizing than that, which was this!

Grand Central Terminal
This is my most photographed train station in New York City and a place I can spend many hours people-watching. My images from here are among some of my most popular, especially images like this of a bystander standing perfectly still as the people around them are moving about to wherever their travels should take them.

Istanbul, Turkiye
Istanbul is the most recent place I traveled internationally. It was quite overwhelming, to say the least, but it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve been fortunate to visit. In the foreground are the Ortaköy Mosque and the 15 Temmuz şehitler köprüsü (15 July Martyrs' Bridge), with the Asian side of Istanbul in the background. This was an early sunrise, before the chaos that erupts in this area as it’s a very popular tourist location, especially for influencers and photographers alike.

Fulton St, One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center is the most photographed building in the world. I’ve documented this building since November 2013 and constantly find myself photographing it any time I pass by it and finding unique compositions for framing it. This is the latest in my ongoing series, which became quite a surprising hit online upon sharing it.

Reagan National Airport, DC.
My travels take me through many airports around the world. Some are fascinating, while others you’d want to get through quickly and never see again. Reagan National Airport’s National Hall in Terminal is a beautiful corridor to traverse. I can’t help myself from photographing here when I’m here. My favorite to capture is of passengers walking the terminal, past the massive wall of windows, and capturing their silhouettes.

Kenneth Hines:

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