We have nothing but admiration for all the amazing creative work that photographers are producing all over the world. In our exhibition reviews and our profolios of international photographers we shine a light on the work of some of the most gifted artist.


Exhibition Review: Hassan Hajjaj
Fotografiska New York Presents VOGUE: The Arab Issue
Tracking Down Intimacy
A Photographic Installation by Chanell Stone, Edward Cushenberry and Kendall Bessent
Sinden Collier: Darkwater
“Beyond the word, the eye is the witness…”
Chloe Pitterson is COOPH's photographer for Women's Month 2021
Explore the movement of dance with Chloe Pitterson…
Abstracts, Aerials & Minimals
Enjoy the overlooked moments in the beauty of nature…
Dive deep with Galice Hoarau…
Silent City: Conrad Clifton
Exhibition & Book Review
Cosmic Background
Experience the absolute magnitude of Andrew McCarthy’s astrophotography…
Vertical Village

Explore the historical artist live-work spaces of Westbeth, with Frankie Alduino...

Life During Lockdown
 In March 2020, Craig Semetko started a visual diary with calm, almost meditative scenes.
Winter Wonderland
Walk into the frozen winter wonderland of Kevin McNeal’s stunning landscapes…
Ballerine de l'air
Enjoy the aerial photography of ballet movements with Brad Walls...
The Motion of the Climb
Experience the passage of time with Luke Rasmussen…
Art Meets Education x Lorenz Holder x COOPH: 1 cap = 4 months of school
Cooperative of Photography presents the Lorenz Holder Cap, helping fund education through photography.
Andres Serrano: Infamous
On view at Fotografiska NYC
Photography Book Review: Fool’s Paradise
Journal of Grievances Volume 3: Antics Publications
Check My Plants
Explore the shrubland of the Cape provinces of South Africa with Filipa Domingues…
Misery Loves Photography

Step into the dark side with Christopher Jewell…

PROFOLIO: Dimpy Bhalotia
Stunning black & white streetphotography with Dimpy Bhalotia…
"Riddle" by Fiona Veronique
Fiona Veronique is a documentary photographer living in Brooklyn. Her work focuses on captivating every day moments in life. 
Blue Herbarium

Explore the vibrance of Prussian blue, in rays of light, with Aline Heau.

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