Visual Q&A

The most important thing for us is to understand our community, their needs and what they really care for. And what better way to get to know passionate photographers than letting them explain who they are through their work. Do you want to find out how hundreds of photographers from all over the world answered the 10 questions of our visual Q&As?

Visual Q&A

Visual Q&A: Wojtek Wieteska
We ask questions, Wojtek Wieteska answers with his images…
Visual Q&A: Idil Sukan
We ask the questions, Idil Sukan answers with her images...
Visual Q&A: Jürgen Schadeberg
We ask questions, photography legend Jürgen Schadeberg answers with his images…
Visual Q&A: Thomas Leuthard
We ask the questions, street photographer Thomas Leuthard answers with his images...
Visual Q&A: Gerd Ludwig
Check out a visual interview with photography legend Gerd Ludwig
Visual Q&A: Ryan Muirhead
We ask questions, Ryan Muirhead answers only with his images…
Visual Q&A: Tom Stoddart
We ask the questions, photojournalist Tom Stoddart answers with his images…
Visual Q&A: Lee Jeffries

We ask questions, Lee answers with his images...

Visual Q&A: Marc Lagrange
We ask questions, Marc Lagrange replies with his seductive (NSFW) images...
Visual Q&A: Christian Luna

We ask questions. Spanish street photographer Christian Luna responds with his images.

Visual Q&A: Justin Ng
This visual interview is literally out of this world...
Visual Q&A: Elijah Hurwitz
A photographer who dropped everything to travel the world answers our questions with his images...
Visual Q&A: Balazs Gardi
Find out more about a photojournalist who covers crisis zones...
Visual Q&A: David Ingraham
Prepare to be dazed & confused in a world of surreal street photography...
Visual Q&A: David Maialetti
Enjoy a visual interview with photojournalist & Gram fan David Maialetti
Visual Q&A: Benoît Rousseau

This way for a French affair with street photography...

Visual Q&A: Fred Mortagne
Come see the world through the eyes of the extraordinary French Fred
Visual Q&A: Roger Ballen
This visual Q&A delves into the mysterious mind of international fine arts photographer Roger Ballen
Visual Q&A: Klaus Pichler
Step inside for a Visual Q&A shot exclusively for COOPH
Visual Q&A: Christoph Grill
We asked photographer Christoph Grill ten questions, but with a catch: he could only reply to them with his images.

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