We have nothing but admiration for all the amazing creative work that photographers are producing all over the world. In our exhibition reviews and our profolios of international photographers we shine a light on the work of some of the most gifted artist.


Profolio: Bence Bakonyi
Discover the fascinating fine art photography of Bence Bakonyi...
We've got big news!

COOPH unveils apparel for photographers...


Come see an inspiring series featuring the human body and architecture...

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters

Sandro Miller recreates iconic photos with John Malkovich...

COOPH unveils new apparel range
Check out our big news from photokina...
High On The Hill

Explore the Notting Hill Carnival with Lewis Freeth …

The Cube
Get caught up in a powerful fine arts project by Natalie de Segonzac...
Before They Pass Away
Photographer Jimmy Nelson photographs remote tribes from all over the globe...
Taking an Urbex Photo Expedition with Jeremy Harris

Enjoy a gallery of abandoned spaces....

COOPH Video Questions: Markus Berger
Our new video has generated a lot of questions. Here are the answers...
How Martin Kollar’s award-winning project took shape

COOPH dives into ’Field Trip’ – the project that won the 2014 Leica Oskar Barnack Award...

Let Us Roam
Check out a cool series that focuses on photographers, artists, filmmakers & musicians in the skateboarding culture.
Photo Essay: Fight Day
Follow the dark journey of a talented young fighter suffering his first defeat...
A Glimpse into French Youth Subculture
Welcome to Raphaël Année’s world
Shooting Street Artists with Søren Solkær
With Project SURFACE, Søren Solkær aims to portray the most significant figures in public and street art
Hong Kong's Unspoken Narratives

An expose of life in Hong Kong by Jonathan van Smit

Shadowplay with Guy Cohen
Discover the magical world of Guy Cohen’s shadowplay...
Navid Baraty's Urban Aerial Shots

Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty produces aerial vertigo-inducing shots and captures extraordinary patterns from his unique perspective.

Carlo Cruz's urban bboy project
Carlo Cruz is an LA street photographer who shoots an ongoing series of bboys in urban locations. We caught up with him to discover more about this project.
Phillip Schuster’s Exhibition: A Skater's Romance
Photographer & skateboard pro Phillip Schuster recently held a unique exhibition entitled ‘A Skater’s Romance’ in Vienna’s Fotomuseum Westlicht.

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