I am a photographer and content creator in Salzburg for COOPH’s YouTube channel. To help you to find the perfect Christmas gift I will share my favorite COOPH products with you.

  • The One-Piece Leather Strap is timeless and will become even more beautiful over the years due to the high-quality leather it’s crafted with. I am sure it will bring many years of joy to every photographer out there.
  • In my opinion, everybody needs the Hoodie ORIGINAL! It is so cozy and at the same time super functional, especially for traveling. Plus, it is made of 100% organic cotton. If you ask me this is the perfect gift for everybody out there.
  • My third recommendation is the one and only Heatable Photo Vest. This one is perfect for every season of the year as it has an integrated heating system which you can connect to a smartphone app to control the temperature as you wish. And it looks super stylish!

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