The Hunt starts on March 28th and ends on April 5th.

Try your Best to find the
Easter Eggs before they are gone!

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Golden and Red Easter Eggs...

Red Easter Eggs = 10% discount:
There are red Easter eggs are hidden all over our website. When you find an egg, click on it.
Then you’ll find a link to add a 10% discount for your whole order (except sales products) directly to your shopping chart.

Important: If you find two or more red eggs the discount will not increase.

Golden COOPH Egg = 200€ voucher:
There is only one golden COOPH egg hidden somewhere on our website. It changes position every few hours. When you find the golden egg, click on it.
Then you can find a link to a gift e-voucher. Finish the check-out to get the 200€ discount code via e-mail. Be sure to fill in all your personal data correctly.

Important: If you find the golden egg make sure to finish the check out immediately before someone else does!

Find the conditions for participating here.