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15% discount for you + 15% on top for charity

Get as much as we give

COOPH means commited

Our mission here at COOPH is to bring the best gear to all of you photography enthusiasts out there without compromise. We follow a clear code of sustainable sourcing and harm-reduction to our environment, as well as our local-first production philosophy.
We are passionate about quality and community, and we truly mean that. Therefore, instead of cleaning out our store with ridiculous prices denying true value to resources, hard work and all the love that goes into making our products, we want to make a real difference while offering discounts. Get ready for the most unique Black Weekend Deal: you get 15% off everything (excluding selected products*) and we donate 15% of your purchase to a good cause.

Enter the discount code CO21-BFCM-15OFF at checkout.

Empower the powerless

After a brilliant first step with our Lorenz Holder Cap, we want your help to support children from financially disadvantaged families in the Philippines. Once again, AME serves as our trusted partner, an organization with a concept that is right up our alley: Art Meets Education equips children from impoverished backgrounds with cameras so they can express their view of the world.
The images created are placed in exhibitions and sold to pay for the kids’ education, giving them a real platform to be creative while securing their future. Now that’s what we call a genius idea!

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Great deals for a better world

Every €100 in sales directly translates to 10 months of education, so let’s give our best to support as many kids as possible from primary school, all the way to their high school graduation!
We can’t wait to see how many years of education we can secure together with you.
So, please have a look around, find some great deals and help us make the world a better place by shopping unique gear that’s tailor-made for you and your passion.
*excluding Leica, Illume, AME and Sale products

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