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Thanks to all our backers on Kickstarter

We reached the goal!

The best is yet to come, stay tuned

Helioflex kickstarter successfully funded!

We are excited to announce that the HelioFlex Kickstarter campaign has been a success!

Thanks to the support from our backers, we have reached our funding goal. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who joined us on this journey, and we can't wait to bring the HelioFlex Backpack to life and see it in the hands of adventurers and photographers worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on the official release - the best is yet to come!

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Adapts to you
Modular System

HelioFlex adapts to you. With the base unit and three front bags, each with their own shoulder straps, you can plan your loadout against your bag not the other way round. 1 HelioFlex Base bag, 3 attachments - endless possibilities.

Move your digital life
Solar Front Bag

Harness the incredible power of the sun, Charge your devices or keep them going for longer with the Solar Front Bag, developed with our partners at SUNNYBAG. Solar power lets you get off-grid, "be prepared for anything."

Sustain & Able

When designing HelioFlex we at COOPH were driven by the twin pillars of sustainability and long-lasting quality. 
With its timeless urban style and use of high quality materials and recycled fabrics, this backpack is built to stand the test 
of time.

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Passion for quality

An extensive amount of time and research goes into finding the perfect materials and methods to ensure that every piece of COOPH gear is of the highest standard to ensure the longevity of our products.



When designing HelioFlex we at COOPH were driven by the twin pillars of sustainability and long-lasting quality. 
With its timeless urban style and use of high quality materials and recycled fabrics, this backpack is built to stand the test 
of time.


COOPH is part of 1% for the Planet, we pledge 1% of our annual turnover to support selected environmental nonprofits.

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Founded by photographers

It was during his days as a professional photographer that Ulrich Grill first started thinking about creating a photo apparel company. At the time, there wasn’t much in the way of contemporary apparel for photographers. The idea was therefore born to design apparel and accessories not just for professional photographers, but anyone passionate about photography. 

Since then, COOPH has become the first brand to produce stylish and functional clothing and accessories for photographers.


HotOne2016 logo 40be81fa-b2de-435f-ba0e-df3e1858244a
Field Jacket
Professional Photographer Hot one
GDA17 HO WINNER RGB 34a31679-f280-47ca-95bc-cf1118d982b6
German Design Award 2017
2018-EPDA-Logo-winners-ohne-weissen-rand 2340c54f-580a-444e-9422-060c2b6d67c3
Leica Rope Strap
European Product Design Award
IDA 18-Bronze e4faa547-cd02-4272-beaa-f293b027c84f
Leica Rope Strap
IDA Design Awards
epda 2019 silver b333dddb-e962-465b-992f-add84b7d6dba
Heatable Photo Vest
European Product Design Award
epda 2019 bronze cdf5b149-ea8a-49a5-85e1-3157933fd664
Leica Paracord Strap
European Product Design Award
2020-winner-european-product-design-award 45bc4bbe-eb62-4168-bc5e-89ce2dc95496
Leica Double Rope Strap
European Product Design Award
GDA21 HO WINNER MC RGB 70e73692-59a0-476b-8982-f86a44821f54
Heatable Photo Vest
German Design Award