Elements Hat


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Kindly note that if you order a 'tailor-made' hat, we cannot accept a cancel or return of your purchase. The estimated delivery time for a 'tailor-made' hat is between 5 to 6 weeks.


The COOPH Elements hat by Mühlbauer isn’t just comfortable and stylish; it's also uniquely versatile. The hat is handmade with Merino wool to provide extra warmth for winter shoots. The flexible brim is designed to allow free camera movement when shooting vertically. The broad sweat band works to prevent running or dripping sweats from irritating the wearer. The premium quality craftsmanship is achieved by hand in central Vienna and you can order your hat 'tailor-made'.


  • extra warmth for winter shoots
  • broad inner cotton sweat band
  • flexible brim for shooting vertically
  • ripped edges for rugged look
  • handmade with Merino wool for fighting the elements


  • wool felt
  • made in Austria

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