Visual Q&A: Helynn Ospina

Visual Q&A: Helynn Ospina

Helynn Ospina is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Colombia, Helynn came to the United States at three. She always felt like an outsider, stuck between the two worlds she had left behind and the one that she now called home.

Helynn did not find a direct path to photography but instead joined the Marine Corps, with a four-year enlistment, and then later completed her undergraduate degree in biology. Eventually, wanting something more, she earned her MFA in photography.

She states, “I’m a firm believer that everything has a spirit. Everything has an energy, and everything has echoes of time in it.”
We asked Helynn questions that only she could answer with images…


Who are you?

Why photography?
What is your trademark photographic style?
What truly inspires you?
Where do you go when you close your eyes?
Where is home for you?
How would you describe your lifestyle?
What makes a great shot?
How do you view the world?
What is an important lesson you have learned?
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