Visual Q&A: Marius Vieth

Visual Q&A: Marius Vieth

German fine art photographer Marius Vieth focuses on street photography and aims to capture the incredible moments during his travels abroad. “My art revolves around the human element in an urban world. In the heart of the city hustle from New York to Seoul I capture the synergy between random strangers and their urban environment. Sometimes in poetic infatuation or deep admiration, sometimes in mystic surrealism or pure abstraction,” says Marius.

In order to get to know Marius a little better, we asked him some questions – questions he could only answer with his powerful images…


Who are you?

Why photography?

What is your trademark photographic style?

What truly inspires you?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

Where is home for you?

How would you describe your lifestyle?

What makes a great shot?

How do you view the world?

What is an important lesson you have learned?

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