Visual Q&A: Gerd Ludwig

Visual Q&A: Gerd Ludwig

Gerd Ludwig began his illustrious career as a documentary photographer and photojournalist in the 1970s, and his remarkable portfolio includes having shot for major international publications like National Geographic, Time and Life.

Gerd Ludwig is particularly well known for his long-term coverage of the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to produce the powerful ‘The Long Shadow of Chernobyl’, a 20-year retrospective photo book. The book & iPad app are available on his website.

COOPH asked Gerd some questions – questions he could only answer with his images:

Who are you?

Why photography?


What is your trademark photographic style?


What truly inspires you?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?


Where is home for you?


How would you describe your lifestyle?


What makes a great shot?


How do you view the world?


What is an important lesson you have learned?

If you are interested in the art of storytelling, Gerd Ludwig is hosting a workshop in Los Angeles from October 23, 27, 2014 and you can sign up here.
You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.