Visual Q&A: Fred Mortagne

Visual Q&A: Fred Mortagne

Fred Mortagne’s photography is pure, raw art – a feast of lines, angles, locations and pro skateboarders. The French photographer collaborates with brands like Red Bull and Leica, and his unique style has become a hallmark of the skate industry. Currently Mortagne has been hard at work with his Leica M Monochrom, producing some of the killer shots that he includes in this Visual Q&A (see questions 7 to 10).

Without further adieu, it’s time to get to know Fred Mortagne a little better:

Who are you?

Why photography?


What is your trademark photographic style?


What truly inspires you?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?


Where is home for you?


How would you describe your lifestyle?


What makes a great shot?


How do you view the world?


What is an important lesson you have learned?

Want MOAR?
We aren’t surprised. Head over to Fred’s Youtube and get in some double-tapping action over on his Instagram account. You can also get your hands on some of Fred's prints, postcards & shirts here.