Seeking Simplicity

Seeking Simplicity

Jakarta-based photographer Hengki Koentjoro typically focuses on nature, utilizing the medium of black and white photography as his tool of choice. In his striking signature simplicity, Hengki delicately preserves the essence of his everyday surroundings.

In this "Profolio", Hengki handpicks images from each of his series and offers a few words on each one...

The breaking of a wave tells abundant tales of the ocean’s mysteries, of nature’s diverse dispositions. The roar exhibits a more expressive side of the sea, a time when she puts her more serene self at rest. It’s a reminder of a universal perpetual motion in which we are all a part of, an ever-evolving cycle of creation and demolition.
This image was taken from the series titled: Waterscape
Captured in its various countenances, water poses in this series as an enchanting backdrop to the center stage figures. It roars through the gaps among a group of stoical rocks and it dances around a water temple creating a mystical mist. The combination of the static and the dynamic elements forms a composition with strength of presence that sends the rest of the world fading into the background.
The vast archipelagic area of Indonesia is home to a wide array of oceanic biota. Amongst the nearly 17,000 islands stretching from west to east, the variety of marine life is second to none in the world.
Submerging into the undersea silence is an adventure in another world of eclectic mix of submarine beauties and appreciation of life creation—an opportunity of nothing short of a glorious honor.
In the sheer absence of light, the shadow throws its sneaky prank and envelopes the scene with copious fine black powder. But the earth remains nonchalant of this little mischief.

If anything, the misconduct only adds a dramatic flair to mother nature’s profile, gives her an aloof charisma, and a space for curiosity, as nothing holds the promise of a mystery as dearly as the darkness.

Tranquility in the absence of abundance is a gate to a dimension of meanings beyond mere visual perception. It piques the senses to peep through, hoping for a bare beauty emerging to sight amongst the least of things. And indeed, there will be in its most earnest state. The simplest allure where decoration is at its slightest.

The modern world is a hypnotizing heap of neon lights shining brightly in the eyes of conforming masses. But some fall through the cracks of the noisy bulb into little personal universe of simple pleasures. Some retreat to a refuge in small moments, others put together a dwelling in the absence of worldly tangles, a humble state of bliss.

It’s one of the utmost forms of joy in life: the delight of waking up in the youngest hour of the morning, racing with the break of dawn to ascend the height of the earth. And there they will be in all their majesty: blanketed by the mist enfolding the birth of day, slumberous peaks awaking to the first peek of sunrise.
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