Profolio: The Textured Moments of Stephanie Jung

Profolio: The Textured Moments of Stephanie Jung

With her experimental multiple exposure photography, German photographer Stephanie Jung creates fascinating vibrating moments.

In this Profolio, Stephanie talks us through some of her favorite images:



This image is very special to me. I took it after the flooding in parts of Eastern Germany, together with a photographer friend of mine. The atmosphere was incredible, it was absolutely silent and there was a kind of apocalyptic mood. I fell in love with this tree, it seemed like it was branded by the incident.



 This image was taken in the busy area of Shibuya. I just loved the colours, in contrast to the darkness of the night. The people rushing in the streets, the lights of the building, it was a moment full of life. This was something I wanted to exaggerate by the multiple effect.


Closing Time"

 This was taken during the rush hour in Tokyo. Although there were so many people and cars driving around, the atmosphere was a bit calmer because of the beautiful sunset that bathed everything in warm light.


"Another view of Paris"

This was taken in 2009 on top of the Arche de Triomphe, watching Paris at night with my friends. The view was amazing, the La Defense district at the back, and the road in front with all the cars rushing from one place to another. It’s my favorite image because of the warm lighting and the coloured lights of the cars.



One of the most beautiful little areas of Japan: Gion in Kyoto, the Geisha district. I felt like I was set back in time, at night it was especially beautiful. The lights were amazing and created this beautiful mood. I chose to give this scene a more abstract view. As the light and mood speak for themselves, you don’t need to see every detail.



Another image from Japan. My friend and I were looking for a famous bridge in Nikko, but somehow got lost. That’s how I discovered this beautiful view on the mountains. The weather was kind of dramatic, which is why the atmosphere is more dark.



While I was walking around Osaka with my friend, we discovered this little romantic street. I loved everything about it: the houses, the buildings and the two people walking down the street. I chose softer and more romantic colors to increase the beauty of this moment.


"Blossom 01"

This image is from my new series "Blossoms". It’s different from my cityscapes, but it’s about the same topic. I think blossoms represent the best time and transience, as they and their beauty exist for such a short time. It’s a more romantic and quiet piece in contrast to my other works.

Catch up with Stephanie on Facebook and be sure to drop by her website for more great shots!

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