Let there be dynamic lighting...

Let there be dynamic lighting...

Osborne Macharia is a contemporary photographer and director making waves out of Nairobi, Kenya. Macharia is heavily driven by dynamic lighting and his portfolio caught our eye. We asked Macharia to take us through some of his outstanding work…



This is a series I did where I designed prototype eyeware for the elderly and made them out of mounting board and collaborated with one of the stylists we work with to give them that stylish look!


Simply put, is every man’s warfare


Namanga is a small town just at the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Its a Maasai territory with their deep sense of culture, colour and vibrancy. The women captured are the home keepers and mothers when the Morans (boys transitioning into manhood) are out hunting.


It’s all about old folks and grey hair!

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Be sure to visit Osborne Macharia's site here and check him out on Behance