Going Polaroid with Dan Vojtěch

Going Polaroid with Dan Vojtěch

Dan Vojtěch is a pro photographer from the Czech Republic best known for epic action sports photography. He also keeps a Polaroid camera handy and has done some super cool projects with it (check out the video in the gallery). We asked Dan a few questions about shooting with the old-school snapper…

Do you use your Polaroid often?
If I travel to interesting destinations sometimes it is the only camera that I take. I also bring it with me to commercial shoots to take some extra shots for myself. When I shoot athletes or models, I give one or two polaroids to them as a present to keep in memory of the shoot!

Why go polaroid?
The great thing about it is that you have only one copy and you cannot produce more. It is always original and this makes each photo unique.

What does a Polaroid newbie need to know?
If you wanna start with polaroids, basically there are two types: you can shoot with older machines from Polaroid and buy film from the Impossible Project, or buy a new Fuji 210 and new Fuji film. Photos from older cameras have that old school feeling and every photo has colors that are a little bit different. Sometimes there are emulsion mistakes and you have to wait a while for the photo to develop. Fuji has different format with real colours – the photo is finished in 2 minutes and films are twice as cheap.

Why should photographers get into it?
It is a lot of fun, because you don't have to think about any adjustments on camera, just shooting and focusing on right moment. I definitely wanna continue with shooting polaroids and have a collection from all over the planet.

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