A Photographic Fairytale About Species Extinction

A Photographic Fairytale About Species Extinction

Svala’s Saga is a collaborative photographic fairy tale between, Emma (daughter) Powell & Kirsten (mother) Hoving. Svala's journey is a creative way of addressing the issues of species extinction...

On a cold, gray day, Svala no longer heard the birds. They all had disappeared. She searched throughout the land, but only broken shells and empty nests remained. As winters and summers passed, Svala consulted oracles and interpreted dreams. The message was always the same: it was her destiny to rescue the birds. She bid farewell to home and hearth, then set out across the world on her quest. 


Empty Nesting


 Memento Mori


Into Darkness








Crystal Captive


In Haste






You can experience the saga in full here. Emma Powell’s personal work can be found here; and Kirsten Hoving’s here