Luis Cajete Engineer-Photographer from Madrid: Framing Global Landscapes

Luis Cajete Engineer-Photographer from Madrid: Framing Global Landscapes

Luis Cajete is a unique individual, who emerges from the heart of Madrid, Spain – an engineer with a remarkable penchant for photography, whose work now graces international publications. The journey began humbly, with a latent love for photography. Still, a transformative trip through the Western US natural parks in 2014 propelled this passion into a lifelong pursuit.

In the face of awe-inspiring landscapes, the limitations of his photographic skills became evident, prompting a fervent desire to refine his technical and artistic prowess. Beyond capturing good light, Luis seeks frames that amplify nature's essence, immortalizing its allure.

Each camera click serves a dual purpose – preserving fleeting moments and sharing nature's enchantment globally. Luis’s images possess an uncanny ability to transport viewers into the landscapes, fostering an emotional connection that transcends borders. This rapport, a testament to his dedication, has garnered international recognition, showcasing his work in esteemed publications.

Yet, at its core, this journey remains deeply personal. The lens becomes a conduit for seizing moments that embed themselves in memory. From Madrid's bustling streets to the world's farthest reaches, this engineer-photographer distills the extraordinary from the mundane. Each photograph weaves a narrative of emotion and experience, inviting us to explore the world's beauty through their discerning gaze.

Anchored in Madrid, Luis casts his artistic net wide, capturing landscapes that resonate globally. His narrative embodies transformation, highlighting how even the most unexpected passions flourish with dedication and the pursuit of perfection. Through his ens, Madrid's engineer-photographer offers a privileged view of the world's natural wonders, urging us to treasure the beauty around us.

We asked Luis to share with us some of his favorite shots, and tell us about them in this PROFOLIO… 

Light in night photography is even more important than in daytime. The stars, clouds and light pollution can be great allies to achieve it. It was a big challenge to get the lighthouse so close but I was finally able to get the desired image. One of the most challenging Panorama I’ve taken so far, taken a windy night at the Roncadoira lighthouse, Spain.

One of the best ways to photograph waterfalls and forests is to do it on humid and rainy days, the same ones in which nobody wants to leave the house. If you are lucky and there is fog, everything is charged with magic. If we are talking about photography, the fog will help to separate planes and simplify compositions, and to get a fairy tale image.

Taken with a telephoto lens from the coast of Galicia (Spain) with Cabo Ortegal in the background. Three elements, the first at 200 meters, Cabo Ortegal at ten kilometers and finally the sun. I had tried this frame two or three times, but was never satisfied, always trying to improve it. A capture that I made with a lot of emotion and certainly one of my favorite images.

Image from the series "lonely trees" that I have been sharing on my Instagram page for some time. The dense fog begins to dissipate and shows us evocative images.

Taken in Asturian Coast, in Spain. The days before dawn always raise doubts about whether it will be worth the car hours and lack of sleep. Many times you go home with nothing and other say thanks for what you have lived, like this case with a double rainbow.
And interesting feature of double rainbows is that the colour sequence in the second rainbow is reversed and fainter in tone than the primary one. An image that I was able to capture despite the nerves of the moment.

Taken in Canarian Coast in Spain, taking advantage of the precious textures that form the wind in the dunes and the first rays of the sun, always weaker and perfect for creating contrasts of light and shadow.

There are few moments as incredible as watching the Northern Lights dance and light up the night sky. This beautiful waterfall is called Haifoss and is located in Iceland. It was very hard to take this image because of the wind and the cold, but it really was a moment that will always remain in my memories.

One of my passions is capturing large panoramas through night photography. Living in a big city, I have always battled against intense light pollution. That’s why I’ve spent years searching for places where I can truly appreciate the beauty of the stars. Witnessing the arc of the Milky Way is an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. Some of Spain’s darkest skies can be found in the Serrania de Cuenca, an area of remarkable geological beauty. In the southern region lies a place where water has carved the landscape, creating intriguing formations and limestone chimneys.

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