Berlin Noir: Schusei's Photography Sheds Light on the City's Intriguing Shadows

Berlin Noir: Schusei's Photography Sheds Light on the City's Intriguing Shadows

From the urban tapestry of Sapporo, Japan, to the creative pulse of Tokyo, Schusei's artistic journey led him to the captivating realm of Berlin, Germany. As the world grappled with a pandemic in 2020, he found solace and inspiration in photography, channeling his diverse background as an inline skater, movie director, TV cameraman, and electronic music composer.

Schusei's style draws from his love for literature and street culture, resulting in a unique photographic approach that unveils the surreal within reality. His lens captures Berlin's essence by casting light on its shadows – the hidden narratives whispered stories, and uncharted emotions that define the city's character.

In his exploration of "Berlin Noir," Schusei peels back layers of the city's history and complexity. His photography transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, inviting us to experience the enigmatic beauty that thrives in the heart of Berlin's alleys and architecture.

Schusei's work is an invitation to see beyond the surface, to immerse ourselves in the interplay of light and darkness that defines the city. As he continues to capture the essence of Berlin, his lens becomes a bridge between reality and unreality, guiding us through the captivating shadows that shape the city's soul.

Discover his work on his Website & Instagram.

Afterimage of The Reminisce
The moment that has passed becomes an afterimage
and a fleeting blur.
The memories will become paler as the time has
melted, leading to a flashback to spectacular beauty.

View from the train window at S-Bahnhof Tiergarten.

A man ascends a hill to the summit of nothingness.
There is no shortcut.
The summit's shape will alter depending on what you
absorb on your way there.

Ash Skies
A breath is white
Ash sky is high spread.
The light that dwells deep inside is passionately noble.
Shot with one of the symbol of Berlin. TV Tower

Dark & Silence
There are darkness and silence inside you.
Seek the faint glow to perceive a truth.
Gentle rain and air that doesn't stagnate.
Look inside and outside, comprehend the facts and
know the truth.
All those things help you stand up.

※ View from the top of Siegessäule Berlin

A bird in the haze
This shot taken in early winter 2023.
Berlin has sometimes deep fog in the morning
especially cold season.
I was always look for this kind of shot included a bird in
this location for two years. Finally got it at winter
season this year 2023
Orange grade added unreal apocalyptic mood that I
was imagined for a long.

Berlin's daily sky in winter
When you visit Berlin in winter, probably you will see
kind of this overcasted all day long which one of the
reason why I love Berlin.
I always set my exposure meter between -1.0 to -2.0
even the city scape is already dark it self.
And sometimes use variable ND filter even the sky is
completely overcasted.
This is because I need darker mood as much as possible before editing process.

Night Station
Winter in Berlin is the best time for me to take a night
Night is longer than any other season, always
overcast, and has a dark mood naturally.
This location is one of my favorite stations in Berlin.(USchlesisches
I tried to take a bit longer exposure for the image, the
result is this.
Rain drops showed slightly extended at the part of
street lights, which has more emotion to appear in the
rainy night mood.

This world is all about blue.
Bluer than blue
Deeper than the deepest ocean
As cold and silent as farthest of the universe.
I just love the twilight of Berlin.
It has so much mood and silence when seen from
This was mid-December when the wind was
completely calm.
I set up a 100 mm lens and captured this scene over
and over again, lost myself in it.

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