What does a T-Rex and some Robots have in common?

What does a T-Rex and some Robots have in common?

Andy Glass is a photographer who is most renowned for his advertisement campaigns. He has worked with Nikon and Stella Film, amongst others. He utilizes a blend of digital techniques and sensitivity to light, which creates each unique image. Andy is the winner of the Silver Lion Award for his work with Land Rover.

We asked Andy to walk us through some of his favorite images in this PROFOLIO…

Heron - Shot this image on my first visit to the Salton Sea. I am heavily influenced by Richard Misrach, who did some beautiful work here. Fortunately, the heron landed on the streetlight and stayed still for the 45-second exposure.

Hovis - Fantastic concept to sell bread - we shot the famous Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and replaced the basalt column with sliced bread - love the simplicity of the idea.

Nikon - Spent quite a versos morning being charged by these fabulous beasts - they never touched us, and you can see by their eyes, they knew where we were at all times.

Robots - Personal project reshot at the Salton Sea, worked in tandem with Taylor James, London to create these dystopian creatures.

Samsung - Ad shot in Cape Town, South Africa - T-Rex was painstakingly trained for the job (created by the team at Curious, London).>

Sand Horse - personal project shot in the dunes outside Dubai - love the ethereal quality of the subject matter and the grade.

Smoke - an early personal trip to Hawaii. I really love the smoke layers and the fact that it is a very transient image of a permanent event.

Tobacco Farmer - photographed this lovely man outside the barn where he dried his tobacco leaves in Vinales, Cuba. He invited into the house to share his dinner afterward, just one of those lovely moments.

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