Welcome to the Lost Lands

Welcome to the Lost Lands

Austrian Urban Exploration photographer Thomas Windisch explores and shoots abandoned places. Thomas explores abandoned buildings mostly in Italy, Austria and other European countries and produces intriguing work that begs more questions! In this COOPH Profolio, we asked Thomas to talk us through some of his favorite images…

Postnuclear Doomsday

>Have you ever wondered what the world would look like after a nuclear holocaust? Last year I got an idea of doomsday when I climbed up the remains of this old powerhouse one foggy morning in December.

Organic Bar

>Since organic food and going vegan is a major trend these days, I thought this image fits perfectly in. Having some iced organic cocktails there in the evening would be a blast :)

Dead Island

>I'm a huge fan of endtime movies and games and this hotel is just the perfect zombie apocalypse set. So would you go in and search the place for supplies or not?

Fly To The Sun, Old Lady

>When I arrived there, it seemed like the old grounded plane was staring with yearning at the sun, its heart's desire to fly there again, just one last time... And it couldn't. This moment was really emotional for me, I almost forgot to capture the scene.

The Primrose Path

>Spartans dine in hell – I'd rather have some sulfur beer with my mates down there. So if a place like hell exists and they have a bar like this one – count me in! :)

Back In Time

>I love this old alarm clock, surrounded by withered leafs. I took the shot in an old abandoned cottage, which was built around 1880. The whole place really took me back in time.

Final Diagnosis

>Modern medicine performs miracles, and we're getting older and older. But our final diagnosis will be death - no exceptions.

Withered Chords

>I came along countless decaying instruments on my adventures and they're always great subjects to photograph. Seeing them left to rot is hard on me, as I used to play the piano myself for several years.


Be sure to follow Thomas Windisch on website and Facebook. Like his work? Support him on Patreon.

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