Trails Of Color

Trails Of Color

Venezuelan photographer and COOPH ambassador Leo Rosas recently completed a killer shoot. Here’s how it went down…

“With continuous light only coming from one direction, skating in the dark can be risky, but with talented athletes like Philipp Josephu and Max Geiselbrechtinger this was just a lot of fun!

Because I wanted to have a trail of color and not much color on the ground or the surrounding area, I set the continuous light from a relatively low position with a barn door modifier to restrict any major light spreading all over.”

“Then I set the flash with a beauty dish and grid to have a nice crisp light restricted to the place where the most important part of the trick would occur.

My camera was on a tripod to avoid any motion blur and set to Bulb triggered remotely with pocket wizards – the continuous light was on all the time and the flash was synced with my radios to trigger on the rear curtain, so I was actually triggering the flash and capturing the action by releasing the button after approximately 1 sec.”

“We took images for about two hours and and selected the best body positions and landed tricks only – otherwise in the core scene this is not valid.

Thanks to all skaters and friends who helped me with the logistics and the shoot as well as the production of the BTS video!” says Leo.

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You can also watch the BTS video of the shoot here.