Through the Eyes of a Visionary: Gonzalo Javier Santile's Artistic Exploration in Photography

Through the Eyes of a Visionary: Gonzalo Javier Santile's Artistic Exploration in Photography

We asked Gonzalo Javier Santile to send us some of his favorite shots for this PROFOLIO…

Through the Eyes of a Visionary: Gonzalo Javier Santile's Artistic Exploration in Photography

In the vast expanse of the night sky, one photographer, Gonzalo Javier Santile, has found his true calling, transforming his passion for wide-field astro landscape photography into a remarkable journey of recognition and acclaim.

While equipped with a degree in business administration, Gonzalo's visionary soul discovered his unwavering love for capturing the celestial wonders in 2017. From that moment on, his passion ignited, driving him to participate in contests that would soon bear fruit.

In 2017, Gonzalo's talent shone brightly as he garnered remarkable success in a contest, marking the beginning of his rise in the field. The following year brought even more accolades, securing second place in the night photography category of the prestigious IPA (International Photography Awards) in the United States. This accomplishment opened doors to recognition on a global scale.

His journey reached astronomical heights as awards and accolades poured in worldwide. From Tokyo to Spain, Argentina to Russia, and Poland to the United Arab Emirates, our artist's work was celebrated and awarded in multiple international competitions. Notably, in 2022, his exceptional skill led to a second consecutive honor as Milky Way Photographer of the Year, bestowed by the esteemed portal Capture The Atlas and its editor, Dan Zafra.

The photographer's captivating images have graced portals and media outlets across the globe. Esteemed publications such as the Times of London, National Geographic Spain, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Peta Pixel, Yahoo News, and even NASA Sky have recognized the artist's profound talent, sharing his extraordinary celestial landscapes with the world.

This photographer's journey is a testament to the power of pursuing one's passion and embracing the beauty beyond our earthly realm. His ability to capture the mystique and awe-inspiring magnificence of the night sky resonates with audiences far and wide.

As he continues to explore the depths of the cosmos through his lens, we eagerly await the next chapter in this remarkable photographic odyssey. With each breathtaking image, our artist inspires us to look up, gaze at the stars, and dream of the infinite possibilities within the celestial tapestry above.

Star factory of Cafayate quebrada de las conchas Salta Argentina.

These incredible stone chimneys, product of erosion, were the ideal setting to go at night and take pictures. I put a modified Astro camera and a star tracker with the Milky Way. To take the full panorama i take 21 vertical photos in 3 rows for a total of 1 minute of exposure each.

The guardian of Talampaya

Talampaya National Park is one of the seven natural wonders of Argentina and to be able to photograph the moonless night I had to have the permission of the National Park Rangers and Tourism Secretary of La Rioja.This place houses remains of ancient fossils and in the first panoramic photograph that has been taken in the place.

Bosque Alegre Astrophysical Station Córdoba

I am a regular visitor from the bosque alegre astrophysics station, therefore when they give me authorizations, I can photograph the milky way from that sky so clean and dark. Thanks to the modification I did to my camera to Astro modify it and use star tracker, he was able to get the colors of the nebulae and even in this shot the loop of Barnard and Orion.

Dead Nature

The Miramar de Ansenuza National Park is considered the largest bird reservoir in the region and only 8 km near the guide are these dry trees, products of the flooding and the flooding of the lagoon that destroyed absolutely everything.

Night of Vinchina

This place known as Quebrada de la Troya is the beginning of the road to Laguna Brava, in La Rioja and to the Andes Mountains. This place is perhaps one of the darkest places in which I had to photograph.

The Hunter

In the area of Los Colorados, Cafayate, I had seen this place for a year and my idea was to be able to go sometime on a clear night and pose as a hunter in these stone mounds with Barnard loop and Orion on my head.


In San Miguel de los Ríos Córdoba Argentina there is one of the most beautiful regions for its pine trees and its wide rivers, where you can fish for trout with return. I wanted to capture the transition between night and day and to do this I had to endure a cold of 7 degrees below zero.

Scars from heaven

In the national park, talampaya, the darkness and the distance from the light pollution of the nearest cities is impressive. However, the pollution did not come from the cities, but from the satellites that populated the sky at the time the photograph was taken.

Discover more of Gonzalo's work on Instagram, his website and Facebook.

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