The Travelling Storyteller

The Travelling Storyteller

Amelie Satzger is a talented 20-year-old conceptual and fashion photographer from Germany. Amelie’s photographs typically capture an arresting moment and vivid, natural backgrounds serve as the narratives. “Most of the time I shoot self-portraits. That’s because I mostly take photos while traveling and I often don’t have a model with me. With my images I try to tell stories and capture feelings,” says Amelie.

Intrigued by Amelie’s work, we asked her to share a few words on a few of her favorite images in this “Profolio”...


My Woodland

"Behind every tree is a cutting machine and a kite fallen from grace.“
These lyrics from Laura Marling’s song let this image grow in my head. But I needed nearly one year to find the right spot to realise it.

The Swimmer

The image is about searching for something you belong to, but being totally lost in finding it. Like a swimmer, who belongs in the water, but who ended up searching for it in the desert.

Left Over

This image was taken at an Italian military cemetery. I wanted to break the anonymity of the graves with the grief of a kinswoman to show the personal loss of every single one of them.


Moving Sea

"I leave my rage to the sea and the sun“ – Laura Marling, All my rage



This image is from my series "Fleeting world“, which I did in Nepal this February. It’s about the beauty of nature, which is breathtakingly beautiful one second and already gone the next time you blink your eyes. I was lucky enough to be able to capture it on this one misty morning while sunrise.


Fragile Sky

I don’t ever believe in anything being perfect. Breaking through the perfect, 'heavenly' image you made yourself of something is what this picture is about.

Eternal Sleep

The beauty of things is temporal. That’s why I set the human youth in comparison to the cherry blossom, which blooms for only about two weeks a year – while still having the wishful dream that it could last forever.


The Snow Queen

"I will come back here, bring me back when I’m old, I want to lay here forever in the cold“, Laura Marling, Goodbye England

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