The Man With The Wooden Box

The Man With The Wooden Box

Peter Eleveld is a professional photographer who has worked with film and digital formats. Peter was always drawn to historical processes and decided to pursue the art of Wet Plate. He states, "The Wet Plate process is exciting and full of surprises and sometimes disappointments! You only have one prepared Wet Plate and one chance to get it right. You have to think ahead, make the composition, light, time, aperture, and it will all come together in one unique magic moment. This magic moment happens sometimes, and then a one-of-a-kind photo develops in front of your eye!"




Flower Composition


Just Gone






Snake Skeleton


The Egg House


The Little Goat


Check out Peter's blog, Twitter or Instagram. Also, you can find one of Peter's overviews on some of his Wet Plate Photography here.