Still Burning

Still Burning

Kevin Cooley is a photographer and videographer. He works with the elemental forces of nature questioning the viewer’s perception of the world. Kevin created the series titled “Still Burning,” in the fall of 2017, when the La Tuna Fire nearly destroyed his house, studio and photographic archive. Kevin states, “Still Burning centers on work created before, during, and after the fire, as a continuation of an ongoing study of the physical and symbolic properties of fire... and as personal catharsis.” The series consists of controlled burnings (by the artist) alongside wildfire blazes (Thomas Fire, Lone Pine Fire, La Tuna Fire), and explorations of the burned zone. He has been featured in Artforum and Wallpaper Magazine.

Plain Flowers

Fish, Fire, Basketball

Holy Fire II

Woolsey Fire

Freeway Bouquet

Pornographic II

Lake Fire Joshua Tree

Lone Pine Fire

Opera Fire


Space X Launch

Super Blood Blue Moon

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