Sophie Cheung: PROFOLIO

Sophie Cheung: PROFOLIO

Sophie Cheung is a director and photographer. Her work is inspired by dreams, nostalgia, and cinema. She has worked with YouTube star Jenn Im and K-Pop singer Amber Liu. Sophie has been noted in Vogue’s Photovogue “best of.” Recently she was selected for the Chinese American Film Festival. We asked Sophie to share some of her best works with us in this PROFOLIO…


Private commission for my client Sarah, who turns 19.


On set of a music video for K-Pop star Amber Liu. She is embraced by the talented actress Arden Cho.


Shoot for a loving couple in NYC.


Branding images for director Brad. Similar to me, he has a love for the aesthetic of Wong Kar Wai and neo-noir movies, so we used that as an inspiration.


Branding images for the singer-songwriter Cindy, shot in Los Angeles.


This was shot in Coney Island, New York. It was such a cold winter night but this couple's love for each other made me feel so warm.


Shot in Chinatown New York. It's funny because my model Raymond doesn't even smoke, so we had to bump a cigarette from a waiter who worked inside that restaurant and I later Photoshopped on some smoke.


I walked around with this model Zam around Hong Kong late at night. The streets were still so vibrant and the street lights were lighting her so beautifully. I had to capture that moment.


This was taken in Palm Springs on the first music video I directed. We lit each candle one by one and the singer Jess was unable to move a single inch during that process. It was frightening yet exciting.


This image was a fashion look book for a New York based designer. I fell in love with the colour white against the model's skin tone and her elegant posture.
Check out Sophie's website and YouTube Channel.

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