Recipes for the Mind: Photo Book Review

Recipes for the Mind: Photo Book Review

Charles Lindsay is a geologist, adventurist, and photographer. Recently Charles published a new photography and poetry book titled “Recipes for the Mind”. The book is an exploration behind the vivid imagination of Charles as he delves into concepts of art, technology, consumption, and near-death experiences. Charles is a Guggenheim Fellow and AIR Program Director of SETI Institute. Currently, he is represented by Margery Newman (NYC).

Excerpt from the text:

“Recipe for the Love Handles”

My elevator speech
Missile guidance system
For art
Is too cheap
Pony up
This train is leaving

Offering Elon
The Rocket Brain
With laser focus
He requests a design
For a desk

Almost but not quite
A game changer
At species level
Lets go
The Rocket Brain
Doesn’t need to know
Where its going

Curious how things
Go or don’t
A hero

On the playa
Must be wonderful
To be invisible

Sunny day blue sky
bitcoins, corn syrup
Love handles

Rocket Brain (interactive missile guidance system sculpture), Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2018, 2019

Three Suns, Sawyer Camp Reservoir Trail. San Mateo, California, 2018, 2019

Alabaster Man, Tang Dynasty Sculpture. Lintong Museum, Shaanxi, China, 2018, 2019

Red Fox, Galena Lodge Yurt, Idaho, 2013, 2019

Ranguita (Squirrel Monkey), Clandestina, Matapalo, Costa Rica, 2017, 2019

Folding Xian, Xi’an Bell Tower, Xian, China, 2018, 2019

Boy on Beach, Pan Dulce (Sweet Beach) Matapalo, Costa Rica, 2015, 2019

Check out Charles's website or follow him on Instagram.

Press Contact: Margery Newman,, 212-475-0252
Recipes for the Mind by Charles Lindsay Images Available for Reproduction
All images © Charles Lindsay

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