PROFOLIO: Dimpy Bhalotia

PROFOLIO: Dimpy Bhalotia

Dimpy Bhalotia is a street photographer based in London. She was the IPPAWARDS Grand Prize Winner. Dimpy started as a fashion and design photographer and then found her love for street photography, where she began to utilize black and white photography as her primary medium.

We asked Dimpy to share some of her favorite shots and tell us why each image is so important to her in this PROFOLIO…


I find Art in the extraordinary details of the seemingly ordinary life on the streets.

I travel the globe cutting across hills, deserts, and seas shooting to capture natural predilection for unpredictable, larger-than-life movements lending visual and emotional excitement in my photographs.

To me, street photography is a visual lexicon, which has no smokescreen. It's the utmost truth of what is happening around us that I love capturing with staggering intellect in black and white, which is the most de-cluttered version of my world.

I strive to encourage people to step back from technology to appreciate their lived experiences and spread the message of hope, love, energy, and freedom through my photographs.

I have been shooting with the iPhone for over nine years now. To me, it feels like I am shooting with my palm.

I believe that black and white (photography) eliminates the question of "the who's, the where's, the what's, and the when's." And that's the beauty of what attracts it to me the most.

My mind renders in monochrome. Capturing moments and movements is what I strongly believe in. I feel more realism in black and white as visually, we don't get distracted by colors.

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