PROFOLIO: Andrius Burba

PROFOLIO: Andrius Burba

Andrius's curiosity about photography began at the age of 13. He started out as a fashion and advert photographer. In 2016, he left the industry to photograph animals. He states, "My wish is to expand my knowledge in this way of photography and to do new projects with tigers and even elephants." We asked Andrius to walk us through some of his favorite images in his series titled, "Underlook."


"Black Horse is one of the most popular photos of the whole Under-Horse project. This horse was the first one photographed for this project. He was well trained and got a lot of beautiful shots."

"This is the same horse as in the first image, just another pose. Horses were photographed with rubber shoes, and later, we shot each hoof separately and photoshopped in place. In this way, we avoid scratching or even braking a glass because of a metal horseshoe."

"This is a very unique pose, which I have never seen before. This horse was 1 year old, that's why he looks quite young and small. Now he is about four years old and because of his breed, which is "Lithuanian heavy draft,” he weighs about 800kg."

"This is another "Lithuanian heavy draft" breed horse. This horse was so substantial that we photographed it at 900kg. He was included in the Lithuanian Guinness Book of Records as having the most extended mane in Lithuania."


"This horse is just a few days before giving birth."


"I call this image "a Cloud". This is a Pomeranian dog, and it's so fluffy, that the viewer can not see it’s head."


"The breed of this animal is called a “Thai Ridgeback.” At first, I thought there was something wrong with her nose. However, then I realized as I was shooting the image, that she had placed her nose upon the glass. This is why it appears the way that it does in the photograph."


"This animal is called a British Shorthair. It is rare to see this breed with this color and even with this tabby. I photographed this cat in the “International Cat Show Kaunas,” and the owner told us there are very few cats like this in the Baltic States."



"This is Lemur photographed from underneath. A photo from the unrealized “Zoopark project." We put some food on the glass table and moved 5 meters far away. I used a camera remote control in order to capture this stance. His tail was so long, that it barely fits in the shot."

All images are ©, "Andrius Burba/Underlook."

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