Photography Book Review: Fool’s Paradise

Photography Book Review: Fool’s Paradise

"Journal of Grievances," is a photography journal, which showcases “independent photographers of all experience levels” within a singular platform. “Fool’s Paradise” is the third volume within this series of books. Notable guests and contributors include, but are not limited to, Michal Chelbin, Ada Zielinska, Matthew Shaw, and Sam Angel.

From the press release, “Fool’s Paradise is a glimpse into the worlds both odd and ordinary, where landscapes blend the tangible and the illusory. Quotidian scenarios resembling dreamlike aesthetics.”

Step into the world of the fool’s paradise, and check out some of the images below…

Ada Zielinska


Alys Tomlinson

Andre Viking

Fred Mitchell

John David Richardson

Matthew Carroll

Michael Chelbin

Book Cover

Daniel Rampulla (L) and Andre Viking (R)


Check out the journal on Brooklyn based Antics Publications.
The virtual show can be seen in the online gallery called, "Eyesore," here.