Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities

Jo Whaley is an American photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her background as a scenic artist helps her to create her images, utilizing theatrical techniques. Jo states that she, “conceptualizes a vision where Nature is modified by human intervention.” In November 2018 an exhibition of her work will open at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.

Analytical Behavior: Natura morta series

Atomic Tea Party: Natura morta series

Cithaerias: Theater of Insect series

Datura wrightii: Botanical Studies

Eucalyptus: Botanical Studies

Fremontodendron californicum: Botanical Studies


Geometrid: Theater of Insect series

Overripe population: Natura morta series

Papilio Ulysses: Theater of Insect series

Spheres of Influence: Natura morta series

Tropea luna: Theater of Insect series

Check out Jo's website, the exhibit at the Georgia O'Keefe Museum and her upcoming book.