Marcus Leatherdale: Out of the Shadows

Marcus Leatherdale: Out of the Shadows

Through January 25, 2020, the Throckmorton Fine Art gallery, in Manhattan, will be exhibiting the black and white photographs of Marcus Leatherdale (1980-1992). The images are taken from his recent publication titled, “Out of the Shadows.” The majority of the photos are of celebrities from the Downtown New York Art Scene of the 1980s. Spencer Throckmorton states, “Leatherdale was just a twenty-something trying to get by when he began often shooting spontaneous shots of the celebrated personalities partying at the downtown clubs popular at the time. He says he didn’t realize he was archiving a raucous era that would soon be extinct — he was just photographing his friends.”

Often when we are in the middle of things, it is hard to see the larger picture. Through perhaps chance, and raw talent, Marcus was able to distill a moment in time, which will forever go down in history. Marcus elaborates, “The late ‘70s to early ‘80s was my favorite time in New York. I was in the right place at the right time…”

If you find yourself in New York, stop by the Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery, and catch a glimpse of Madonna, Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol (amongst others), in this flash in time.

Check out the exhibition here.
Madonna, 1983
Robert Mapplethorpe, 1980
Andy Warhol, 1983
Foot Mouth Harlequin, 1990
Divine Reclining, 1981
Joey Arias, 1987
Birth + Death, 1989
Andy Warhol, 1985
Jodie Foster, 1987
Lydia Lunch, 1986
Debbie Harry
Patti and Suzan

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