Journey to the Tower

Journey to the Tower

"Journey to the Tower" was created by partners Michael Garlington and Natalia Bertotti. The goal of this particular card deck was to re-create the Ride Waite Smith tarot. Each image envisions the symbolism of the original set, with the incorporation of new, reinterpreted imagery. Each photo was shot on Michael's 4x5 Graflex, utilizing black and white film. Later the images were hand-painted with watercolors.

They state, "Thank you for joining us on your journey. We are tapped into something - not necessarily knowing what it all means - embracing it entirely and putting it back out there for you because you must feel it in some way too. Our deck is called 'The Journey to the Tower' because the Tower card was the last set that we shot in our photo tarot adventure. We always knew it would be us in that card; many people actually feared being in it. Our daughter's face looking back at you exudes our take on the card and our embrace of transformation. Striving to maintain a child-like sense of wonder and the ability to accept that a cataclysmic ending might be just what we need for the most magnificent beginning to emerge."

Michael and Natalia live and work in Petaluma, California. They formed a creative business together called "Two for Sea." Michael's work has been showcased in the Smithsonian and is regularly featured at Burning Man.


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