Jaw-dropping travel photographs to fuel your wanderlust

Jaw-dropping travel photographs to fuel your wanderlust

Tom Stahl is an award-winning travel, nature and landscape photographer. Currently residing in Barcelona, Tom’s work can be seen in the publications: Islands Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, and Hemispheres.

Tom says: “I have been traveling the world with my camera for more than 20 years. In the late 1980s and 1990s I spent most of my time in Asia, but in the last several years have traveled mostly in Europe and north Africa. This series represents some of my favorite travel images.”

Rowing to temple, Dai Lake, Yunnan Province, China, 1992.

This man was ferrying passengers from the shore of Erhai Lake to the small island temple offshore. I offered him a cigarette, and he was happy to row around for a few extra minutes until I got the angle I wanted over his shoulder.

Iceland ponies at sunrise, 2016.

In January in Iceland, the sun stays so low in the sky that you get sunrise light just about all day. I looked all week for a good backlit image of Iceland's famous ponies and took this on my last day.

Aurora sky, Iceland, 2016.

This took place at about 11 PM at night. A long second exposure allowed me to pick up the reflection of the lights in the stream.

Hills outside Ronda, Spain, 2015.

Taken in the hills outside Ronda, Spain. I was shooting Ronda's famous bridge at sunset when I turned around and saw this view behind me. Turned out better than all my photos of the bridge.

Street scene, El Born, Barcelona, 2015.

Barcelona, where I live, is such a festive place during the Christmas season.

Montserrat, Spain, 2014.

On a rainy day, I hiked with my family out to this point looking back at the monastery of Montserrat. It had been raining so hard that I left my SLR in the car; as the rain clouds cleared I shot this image with my phone's camera.

El-Rcif, Fes, Morocco, 2015.

I loved the symmetry of the red and blue poles and flags in El-Rcif square. For three mornings in a row, I got up and waited for someone to sit on the bench to complete the scene.

Abandoned bicycles, 2012.

My wife found these seemingly abandoned bikes during a sunset ride around the Burning Man festival in Nevada. I spent a few minutes walking around to isolate the bikes from each other as much as possible.

Want more? Check out Tom's website. Or connect with him through Facebook or Google +.

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