Fotografiska: New York

Fotografiska: New York

At the start of this year, Fotografiska announced the launch of a new educational program at its New York Outpost. Officially titled Fotografiska Academy, the initiative explores many photographic mediums and practices at various levels of experience.

The curriculum was developed by Stephen Frailey, the Chair of Emeritus at the School of Visual Arts. The calendar will provide a variety of seminars, workshops, and masterclasses.

COOPH has chosen to showcase two of the extraordinary talented photographers teaching at the Academy below.

Jill Greenberg is renowned for her mastery of lighting. She has photographed many pop-culture icons, including the late and exceptionally talented Michael K. Williams.


Erik Madigan Heck is an award-winning photographer who has exhibited internationally, including but not limited to The Multimedia Arts Museum in Moscow and The Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Erik has been featured in TIME, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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For a full program list of classes at the Academy, checkout the website here.