Ethereal Light

Ethereal Light

Reuben Wu is a photographer, film-maker and the co-founder of the band Ladytron. Reuben photographs psychotropic landscapes in an ethereal light. He states: “In my visual work, I am driven not just by the urge to create imagery, but by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for the unnoticed and the hidden. Photographs, like music, can create an echo of a time and a place. To me, my images are more than pictures. They are fragments of memory and imagination.”

We asked Reuben to walk us through some of his best images with this PROFOLIO…

I made this image very recently from a trip to Hong Kong. I wanted to treat buildings in the same as way as landscapes, with texture, depth and massive scale.


Moonset at the Bromo Tengger caldera, Java, Indonesia.


Mysterious land forms in the Hopi Reservation in Arizona.


Expansive lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Another new image from a new series of long exposed photos of moving points of light.


Sunrise at the volcanoes of Bromo, Semeru and Batuk, on Java, Indonesia.


Clouds of sulphur emerge from hot gas vents inside the crater of Ijen, East Java. At night the liquid sulphur burns blue.


The sublime landscape of White Pocket, Arizona, USA


Devils Tower, Wyoming, appearing through the mist above pine trees.


One from my ongoing Lux Noctis series of images, where I create my own lighting of landscapes in the wilderness.


Check out Reuben’s photographs here.

His new book of the same series will be launched in October and is now available for preorder.