Crooked Eye with Cathy Spence

Crooked Eye with Cathy Spence

“Crooked Eye,” is the creation of Beaumont (Texas) based fine-art photographer Cathy Spence. The series itself is a close reflection into the life of a boy growing up in Texas with oculocutaneous albinism.

From the press release, “Wesley has what he calls his ‘crooked eye.’ Though albinism’s most noticeable characteristics are very pale skin and white hair, Wesley, like others with his condition, is genetically predisposed to have vision problems. His ‘crooked eye' is caused by strabismus, a condition where one or both eyes turn either inward or outward, causing a lack of depth perception.
People with albinism often receive negative attention, harassment or, at the least, curious stares and thoughtless comments. Wesley has had thirteen years of dealing with this extra attention, yet it still leaves him feeling a bit like an outsider.”

Cathy’s work can be seen at the Wittliff Collection of Southwestern and Mexican Photography, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and The Humanities Research Center at the University of Austin Texas.



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