COOPH Video Questions: Markus Berger

COOPH Video Questions: Markus Berger

Our last video has resulted in a bunch of questions, so photographer Markus Berger replies to the main ones:

What camera is that?
It’s the sweet new Leica T. You can find more info on the camera here.

Where can I find a tubelight like that?
You can pick one up at most hardware stores, or walmart style stores. If you search 'flourescent circular light' on Amazon, you’ll find a load.

What brand of tubelight did you use?
I am based in Austria, so I found this one called the “StarLicht Rondine 40W" on German Amazon.

How did you rig it up?
The tube light is made to be mounted on a wall. It comes in a plastic case, which you need to unclip. Then it’s just a matter of adding a plug... I also added black tape around the connecting part (where the wires feed in) so it’s safer and better for holding. The following pics should give you a good idea!

What app did you use for the tablet?
The app is simply called 'Light Paint' – but if you search 'lightpaint' on the App store, there are a ton of apps like this that offer different effects. I would suggest browsing around and seeing what will work for you. Below is another shot taken with the app, and you can see a different effect!
My question is not answered here! Where can I get hold of you?
You guys can contact me on my Facebook page, or on COOPH’s Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram! Thanks to all for your interest and support!