Conjuring Elements

Conjuring Elements

Nicolette Clara Iles is a fine art photographer, based in England. She utilizes analogue film processes to create pictorial environments. Her work is both intuitive and spectral in it’s representation. The majority of her photography is based on personal events, myth and folklore. We asked Nicolette to go over some of her favorite pieces with us, in this PROFOLIO…

1. An image of fruit and hands, simulating life and giving.
2. A mirror image, the beam of light reflecting magic.

3. This image shows the weaving of the land, to show how the earth we stand on is important to who we are.

4. A conjuring of water, the elements giving way to creation.

5. The resting place of the spinner, nature and creation combining for emotion.

6. The sword in the sky is a symbol here of strength.

7. A demon version of my self, this image shows a way to fight inner ‘demons’ and come through pain fighting.

8. Hands tend to be very key to my work, as they show a lot of emotion and symbolism - the hand here showing a half-eaten apple is that of many tales and is resting in shadow next to a skull, inspired by Vanitas paintings.

9. This image is from a story of farmyard freedom, a group of people digging in to the earth for freedom of their past pain.

10. An image important to me due to the subject’s delicacy within their hands, holding fruit again, as a symbol of ritualistic offering.
Check out Nicolette on Instagram and her website.