Chien: Crafting Cinematic Visual Stories COOPH Profolio

Chien: Crafting Cinematic Visual Stories COOPH Profolio

Since 2018, Chien has been weaving their passion for photography into captivating cinematic narratives. Based in Germany, their portfolio stands as a testament to their unique approach to the art form.

Each of Chien's works reflects a meticulous attention to detail, atmosphere, and emotion, meticulously crafted to transport viewers into alternate realities. Their images transcend mere visual indulgence, serving as windows into evocative worlds brimming with narrative potential.

As a photographer, Chien offers more than just a service; they provide an opportunity to immortalize cherished moments and create lasting memories. Whether it's a candid portrait, a scenic landscape, or a special event, Chien's lens captures the essence of the moment with unparalleled artistry.

Explore Chien's portfolio to witness his distinctive style firsthand. For those seeking to translate their vision into visual poetry, Chien stands ready to collaborate, offering his expertise to bring dreams to life through the medium of photography. We asked Chien to share with us some of their favorite shots in this PROFOLIO...

This shot was taken at my first master class in Kyiv.

This shoot was ordered from me by a writer from Kyiv.

This footage was taken in Karlsruhe, Germany. This photo shoot was inspired by the films of director Wong Kar-Wai.

TFP shooting in Cologne.

My first shoot, where I seriously prepared. My friend and I spent 3 days covering a room with A4 papers.

It was a quick shoot in my apartment room, I just called a friend as a model to test the light and camera.

Continuation of shooting from previous.

This is an ordinary love story photo shoot of my friend and his girlfriend.

For this shoot, we went out of town to my friend’s dacha and spent the night there.

Paid photography for a client who came from Kyiv to Kharkov.

Photo session of my friend in Germany. 


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